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True Breakthrough

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No more excuses. Banish the doubts. Embrace your fears. If you are looking for a breakthrough, this is the weekend to do it!

Are you living the life you love? Are you in a non-compromised enriching relationship? Can you genuinely say you are living at an optimal level?
I asked those same questions and from an early age I made a commitment:

I will be passionate about my services in helping the world! Doing what I love and loving what I do.

I will honour the wisdom of my body and take care of it as best I can. Honouring my health and living with vitality!

I will liberate my love from fears, shame and guilt. Becoming masterful in lovemaking, integrity, conscious communication and compassionate connection.

This is choosing to live at your best! FULL POWER!

During this weekend you will experience a power you have inside like never before. Designed by Deva Presence with fifteen years of experience of guiding people through deep transformations. You will come into a new phase in your life. Call it a rite of passage, a cycle, an invocation and quantum leap or shift you are ready for. Can you feel it?

This weekend is dedicated to you! To your spirit! To your Heart! To your courage! To you bringing to life what it is you are longing for!

What do you get out of taking a workshop like this?

– As a professional it is important to know how to be at your edge without falling over. Many times in our business we feel stressed, beat down and find it difficult to get ahead. In this weekend we help you regain confidence to persevere, become clear in your actions and take charge of your successful future.

– On a personal level with yourself or in relationship we deep dive into the choice of deep integrity and becoming a heart centered person once again. Shift from the norm to feeling blissfully alive, radiant and ready for change in your life and loving connections.

We will experience:

– Masterful Music guiding and journeying us through this transformational process

– Mantra, Live Music and Meditation with Deva Presence

– A powerful breathwork meditation, designed to break through old patterns

– Posters and an Ebook on mastering your emotions and finding clarity in your life

– Kundalini, Yoga and Qi Gong practices to build your Will Power!

– Deep listening and compassionate communication skills to find your true YES while clearing resistance on your path

Find your YES. Fulfill your dreams. Come into your Power.

This powerful weekend workshop will be held in English.

Place: the beautiful Maitasuna – Ježkova 14, 130 00 Praha 3
Dates: 14.-15. 7. 2018
Time: Saturday 10 – 18, Sunday 10 – 17
Costs: 4.800,- Kč in advance, 5.000,- Kč on the door

Registration: at

What to bring: pen and paper and comfortable clothes to move in. Also something to charge on an alter, two stones and things to make arts and crafts.

DEVA PRESENCE is a conscious lyricist, author and guide. For over a decade he has been teaching retreats and workshops on conscious sexuality, relationships, spirituality, yoga, and permaculture. None of it compares to his real life experience of becoming liberated in his emotions. He shares from the heart what he knows works! He has travelled the world for seven years deepening his connection to nature and many cultures. He truly lives his passion and shares from a place of upmost integrity and passion for live and helping others. He earned a degree in Philosophy and is sharing his gifts as a musician, author, teacher and lover of the earth.

You can learn more here:

Deva is available for private bodywork or Coaching. Contact him for availability:

Recent testimonials:
“I was amazed how my body reacted differently after a weekend workshop with Deva. I found it to be more relaxed in it’s expression, some patterns of not allowing my body to move freely were dissolved automatically. I became more peaceful and present.
At lunch break during the workshop, I felt the wind like it would caress my skin, it was a blissful experience of connection with all that is, feeling safe in my body. Going back to the natural state and harmony between the body and mind.”

“After a private session with Deva, my body felt like after a bubble bath, my mind chatter switched off. So much tension held in my body was released, so many blocks were dissolved. The bodywork was very deep and transformative. I appreciated the clear communication throughout the session. From then on, I feel more grounded and present in my body.”


14.7.2018 v 10:00
15.7.2018 v 18:00


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